What Qualifications Do Accountants in Travis County, Texas Need to Have?

To become an accountant in Travis County, Texas, one must possess an associate degree in Accounting, Finance or a related field, as well as two years of increasingly responsible and relevant paraprofessional accounting experience. Additionally, the individual must have basic skill levels in computer science, analytics, and communication. The Travis County Commissioners Court designates an average of eleven paid holidays at the beginning of each fiscal year. Furthermore, the county offers a free and confidential Employee Assistance Program to its employees and their families.

It also provides a retirement plan through the Texas County District Retirement System, with mandatory participation for certain classes of employees. Accountants in Travis County are responsible for performing routine paraprofessional accounting roles that require the application of basic and standard accounting theories, principles, and techniques. This includes ensuring accuracy of entries in the general ledger accounts and reconciling subsidiary ledger accounts with the general ledger. They also record, analyze, process and reconcile accounting spreadsheets, bank accounts, general and subsidiary ledgers, cash receipts, grants, fixed assets, cash pools, purchase orders, payrolls, travel expenses and other general accounting transactions. In addition to these qualifications and responsibilities, Travis County offers a variety of benefits to its employees and retirees. This includes summaries of benefits, eligibility requirements, costs, contact numbers and addresses.

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